Bacon, Boots and Blood (or, "OMG What a success!")

I just returned to my home that smells like the remnants of 30 pounds of cooked bacon and quickly calculated the funds raised from tonights FUNraiser.

The bootblacking, lap dances, drawings and silent auctions raised $1680! The door raised approximately $1502, of which we receive 50%, so $750.

The total raised was $2432 before expenses of $267.51 == $2164.49!! (All numbers are approximate based on final door receipts to be determined by the CSPC)

I consider this a huge success that could not have been done without a large amount of people:

Marfim (for being the FUNraiser extraordinaire)
MissBeccaBee (for bootblacking all night)
Seattle Women in Leather (the food was amazing!)
Raven (I will dearly pay for what happened, at some point)
Diamond Jack (Seriously. The cowboy hat was.... HAWT!)
Opium (Stunningly gorgeous, as always!)

My deep gratitude goes to all of the people, vendors and producers that assisted with providing donations for the event:

Elegant Ashes
Rods by Rane
Twisted Toys
Team Fluffy
Serviam House
Sin in the City
Hammerfell Armoury
Conzept Designs

To my friends, my family, my sisters and all of the attendees: Thank you so very much for making such a great night happen!