Washington State Mr. /Mrs. Leather Contest

Seattle Women in Leather showed up to The Cuff on Capitol Hill in full force for the evening adorned with our ‘SWL Supports Tris’ buttons.
2014’s lineup was incredible and the best I’ve seen the last couple of years! We had 3 Mr., 2 Mrs. entries and this year the category of Bootblack was added to the bill. All of the contestants did great on their pop questions and speeches and the fantasies were HOT!!! It was steep competition, but when all was tallied, Founding SWL member Tris came out on top and took home the Mrs. Title!

Most of us were so amped up from the win, we were outside being silly and hanging out after the contest was over. It was such an enjoyable evening filled with camaraderie and Leather, who could ask for more than that?
SWL sillySWL supports Tris