Bacon, Boots and Blood (or, "OMG What a success!")

I just returned to my home that smells like the remnants of 30 pounds of cooked bacon and quickly calculated the funds raised from tonights FUNraiser.

The bootblacking, lap dances, drawings and silent auctions raised $1680! The door raised approximately $1502, of which we receive 50%, so $750.

The total raised was $2432 before expenses of $267.51 == $2164.49!! (All numbers are approximate based on final door receipts to be determined by the CSPC)

I consider this a huge success that could not have been done without a large amount of people:

Marfim (for being the FUNraiser extraordinaire)
MissBeccaBee (for bootblacking all night)
Seattle Women in Leather (the food was amazing!)
Raven (I will dearly pay for what happened, at some point)
Diamond Jack (Seriously. The cowboy hat was.... HAWT!)
Opium (Stunningly gorgeous, as always!)

My deep gratitude goes to all of the people, vendors and producers that assisted with providing donations for the event:

Elegant Ashes
Rods by Rane
Twisted Toys
Team Fluffy
Serviam House
Sin in the City
Hammerfell Armoury
Conzept Designs

To my friends, my family, my sisters and all of the attendees: Thank you so very much for making such a great night happen!

Macabre Masquerade

Seattle Women in Leather’s inaugural fundraiser was a magnificent success! On March 28th 2014, SWL hosted the Macabre Masquerade Fundraiser for the Center for Sex Positive Culture. The list of activities and entertainment was endless, but a few highlights include: Roaming Magician, Body Painting, Taro Card readings, Poi Dance performances, A Live Voodoo Doll, Face Readings, 2 Hosted Mocktail Bars, Hors d' vours, Vampire Scene, Silent Art Auction, Activity Tasting Stations galore and even a sexy bead thrower adorned in a top hat! Five months of rigorous planning by the amazing Mardi gras event board: Kel, Mach, Mare, Lola, Pippy and Alyxe, made this event truly spectacular!

A huge thank you to all the volunteers!!!!! We couldn’t have done it without you. It took over 150 volunteer hours to make this vision come to fruition. The set-up crew, the servers, the performers, the tasting station volunteers, the photographer, the tear-down crew, you were all crucial in making this event happen. This event began planning before we opened up membership in January, making this a huge undertaking for a brand new organization, and can I just say: WOW. You women blow me away. The camaraderie, the love and the fun…Great Job Everyone!

In Leather,
Vice President

Spirit Dance in the Stone Circle

This year several of our SWL members were involved with the Spirit Dance in the Stone Circle at Paradise Unbound in Redmond, Washington on Saturday, August 9, 2014. We represented our club as piercers, piercing assistants, dancers, drummers, and supporters, all guided and under the watchful eye of the facilitator, PhoenixB. The Spirit Dance is a ceremony paying homage to ancient traditions as well as present day spiritual practices where healing energy is exchanged, released, appreciated, and rediscovered by the conduit of piercings made in the dancers' bodies by flesh hooks, which are often secured to external points to enhance and empower the experience. The club members involved elected to support the Spirit Dance both for their own personal reasons as well as feeling that the experience was an opportunity to support one another and embrace unconventional spiritual practices.

Gay Day of Service

The crisp Sunday morning of June 8th quickly turned into a hot, sunny day in Seattle on Capitol Hill. SWL arrived at Cal Anderson Park to work the Clean Sweep for Pride and support Seattle’s Gay Day of Service. We were met with Starbucks coffee and croissants and headed to find our route assignment. We walked west on Pine to our block, picking up stuff on the way. We started our block on Pine & Crawford Place and cleaned west to Bellevue, then south on Bellevue to Pike, up pike back to Crawford and North finishing back on Pine & Crawford. It wasn’t particularly glamorous, or traditionally ‘fun’ work, but the passing residents of the area who kept thanking us and working beside all who showed up, made all the difference in creating an enjoyable atmosphere. We joked and shared a few laughs, what we found made for some pretty great situational comedy.

We cleaned our block thoroughly and headed back to the park just in time to miss the food, but a kind lady named Keri from another group offered up a couple of bananas and some bottled water to appease our growling tummies.

Thank you to all who came to help and support this day of Service!

In Leather,


Vice President


Washington State Mr. /Mrs. Leather Contest

Seattle Women in Leather showed up to The Cuff on Capitol Hill in full force for the evening adorned with our ‘SWL Supports Tris’ buttons.
2014’s lineup was incredible and the best I’ve seen the last couple of years! We had 3 Mr., 2 Mrs. entries and this year the category of Bootblack was added to the bill. All of the contestants did great on their pop questions and speeches and the fantasies were HOT!!! It was steep competition, but when all was tallied, Founding SWL member Tris came out on top and took home the Mrs. Title!

Most of us were so amped up from the win, we were outside being silly and hanging out after the contest was over. It was such an enjoyable evening filled with camaraderie and Leather, who could ask for more than that?
SWL sillySWL supports Tris