Gay Day of Service

The crisp Sunday morning of June 8th quickly turned into a hot, sunny day in Seattle on Capitol Hill. SWL arrived at Cal Anderson Park to work the Clean Sweep for Pride and support Seattle’s Gay Day of Service. We were met with Starbucks coffee and croissants and headed to find our route assignment. We walked west on Pine to our block, picking up stuff on the way. We started our block on Pine & Crawford Place and cleaned west to Bellevue, then south on Bellevue to Pike, up pike back to Crawford and North finishing back on Pine & Crawford. It wasn’t particularly glamorous, or traditionally ‘fun’ work, but the passing residents of the area who kept thanking us and working beside all who showed up, made all the difference in creating an enjoyable atmosphere. We joked and shared a few laughs, what we found made for some pretty great situational comedy.

We cleaned our block thoroughly and headed back to the park just in time to miss the food, but a kind lady named Keri from another group offered up a couple of bananas and some bottled water to appease our growling tummies.

Thank you to all who came to help and support this day of Service!

In Leather,


Vice President